My last work in 2014, Apron Skirt

Once you see my blog design, you have no doubt that I like "Girly" things.
I really want to appreciate Free Pretty Things for You site for sharing me these crazily kawaii materials which beautify my blog so much!!

I have been a girly-girl since I was a literally
"a girl".
Yes. I had believed in the existence of fairies and Neverland, needless to say Santa Clause, until I became 10 or 11 years old.

Therefore, it is no big surprise that my graduation thesis at a university was "Study of Lewis Carol" and I am still a daydreamer, right?

Actually I do have a tomboy side though, I don't show that side to everyone.

Speaking of Lewis Carol, I love girls' outfit of those era.

According to Mr. Wikipedia who referred Jones Gladstone (1998). The Alice Companion: A Guide to Lewis Carroll's Alice Books
 "Alice's clothes are typical of what a girl belonging to the middle class in the mid-Victorian era might have worn at home."

Anyway, it is 2015 and no longer the mid-Victorian era though, matching a skirt and an apron style is my favorite!!

Here is my latest masterpiece I sew in the end of 2014.
See? I cannot stop sewing girly outfits!

"Ciresica* Clothing" is my kids' clothes brand's name by the way.

Well... is anybody needs Japanese translation of this article?
If so, please let me know. I will work on it later!

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